Willa Stone has never really gone beyond her comfort zone. The biggest risk that she has ever taken was to go against her father and his wishes for her to join him in the restaurant business. They haven’t talked in some time. It has been five years and there is no sign of reconciliation even during the holidays. She’s alone, feeling like the last person in her little group of friends that has no ring on her finger. She’s been having headaches and learns that she has been poisoned by an unknown drug that has no discernible cure. This floors her and makes her begin to compile a bucket list.

She meets Tristan Rhodes after some of his research has proven to be invaluable concerning poisons. They have an awkward moment where they both stare into each other’s eyes and there seems to be recognition. It feels like she has known him all her life, but how can that be when they have only just met?

They’re about to embark on a journey that involves searching for a cure, the person responsible and this undeniable chemistry that will tempt them into doing something about it.