Robert Hudson is rich, cool and cruel. These three words can completely describe him as a person and as a businessman. Being the CEO of one of the leading companies in America, it is implied that he has to have that confidence and ruthlessness in him; but the real cruelty about him is one that no one could even fathom. Deep inside his heart, there is a secret which is even darker and dangerous than him.
One of his pet peeves is, he cannot stand indecency. ‘Forgive and forget’ is not a quote he goes by at all in his life, so with anybody or anything that come across him have to know that no mistakes are allowed.

Freya Lawrence, bubble-bright and crazy, living life as she wants to or as much as she can afford at least; She dreams of becoming the best and the richest journalist in the world. Though coated with a layer of selfishness, but from inside, she is a genuine person with a brave heart. She is a dreamer who knows her reality and can deal with it very well. Not being one to thoroughly follow the rules and having the curiosity of a cat, both qualities which she is proud of; she is a journalist after all; but sadly, most of the time she finds herself stumbling into troubles one way or the other.

And when these two different but dynamic personalities came face to face, both turn each other’s life upside down. One, who is always curious to know the secrets and the other , who has a dark one that he can never dare to share. So who gets the upper hand? Can Freya resolve the tangles of Robert or just get herself tangled within?